About our family

This is the beginning. Please excuse use of fowl language. It is in me and I can’t be me without the use of it! It is how I express myself.

(Below is my version! I am hoping the hubby gets to write his version since they are complete opposites! LOL!)

Francisco and I met at a church retreat in Miami, FL 2005. It was a young adults retreat and I really didn’t want to be there. All my life I was brought up Catholic and attended many retreats. At that point in my life I have had enough of retreats. I remember my father telling me to go so that I may meet a “good Catholic” man. I swore I would be single all my life! I was a smart and independent woman who didn’t need a man. Little did I know that at that retreat I would meet my future husband. Francisco and I ended up in the same group in that three day weekend retreat. I really did not like him. I thought he was over confident, know-it-all, and he really was not my type. I’m Hispanic (born and raised in Nicaragua), but I did not like and was not attracted to Hispanic men. I liked them pale white and he was dark and tan. I liked them tall (6 feet or taller) and he was average height(1/2 inch taller than me). I love red head with green or blue eyes and he had brown eyes and curly, kinky short black hair.  Although he REALLY was not my type I felt compelled to be nice to the guy.

He had recently arrived from Chicago, didn’t know anyone, was his first experience in a retreat, and wasn’t even Catholic yet. He was still trying to find God. He had no job, a beat down used and borrowed car that at the end of the retreat wouldn’t start! I being the nice girl offered to give him a ride home. On the way there he was kind, talkative (boy can he talk), and started to appeal more to me as a good friend. When I dropped him off he called me about an hour later to make sure I had arrived okay and from there he would constantly call me and I loved our conversations. I guess you can say a relationship started to evolve. What really pissed me off though (you’ll get to know I am blunt and have a sailor’s mouth but I keep things real) was that he never asked me out and after about a month a half of “talking” I knew he liked me. So being the direct gal that just NEEDS to know, I asked him! I remember that I texted him. I told him that I like him and what did he think about that. He usually replied to my texts within seconds and after about an hour of not getting any reply to my initial “reaching out” I called him. I was livid!!! I asked him if he received my text and he said yes. I was like “are you f*cking serious?, so what do you have to say?” He said he was flattered. (OMG I could have killed him) I literally had to drag it out of him. Finally he professed his undying love for me. LOL! We started dating but before he could call me his girlfriend he said he had to ask my parents permission. (Yes, he was old school like that and I was mad because I told him that he wasn’t asking for my hand in marriage and that was not necessary). he insisted and met with my parents. I was so embarrassed because my dad kept questioning him, interviewing him, telling him what his daughter required and was used to, telling him that he needed to get a job, etc… Just imagine!!! I was just sitting there without words for over an hour. To keep it short our love grew little by little and he proposed in under the year of dating. It was a huge surprise because I had no idea. I’m a hard girl to keep secrets from and he did it quite well. We had a beautiful wedding on June 30, 2007.

The greatest gift to us came on June 11, 2013. Francisco Alexander Martinez arrived! Yes, he was named after daddy and mommy. We had a very difficult time conceiving and we love to save that for testimonies when invited to other parishes. But, he was finally here and he is our everything! He was perfect to us! (I know, every parent says that) He is the most handsome, loving, caring and sweetest boy ever! God had a great gift for us and he was worth the wait. We like to call him Frankie because his name is so long. Frankie suffers from seizures and we have dealt with them in such a way that only with God’s strength we get through. We really hope that as parents we do right by him. I personally could freaking care less for the monetary life we can offer. I want to make sure that we do him right by showing him what really matters in life. That besides his family, he will learn about the importance of what it is to live a God-filled life. I pray for him everyday and I personally know that he will grow up to be better than us! We want to give him a rich life. One filled with very little money, but overfilled with love, compassion and faith!


Beyond my immediate family of three:

I have the greatest father a girl could have! He has been a pillar of Faith to our family. My mother is graceful and loving. They were both born and raised in Nicaragua. I have an older brother named Lester who is the son of only my dad and he is 11 years older than me, but we have a strong bond and have a lot of things in common. I was my parents first born! (They should have stopped right there) LOL! But all kidding aside, I have a brother 2 years younger and a sister 5 years younger than I. My brother is Orlando and he is married to Cristina (we call her Crissy Cris). They are a perfect match! They have Orlando Jr. who is only a year and a half younger than Frankie! My sister, Karla married my husbands first cousin (I know… weird much????), since we like to keep the family small circled. LOL! (See, I know I’m the only one laughing right now) His name is William and we like to call him Bunzies!

That pretty much is a little about my family as a whole!


***********************Francisco’s version***********************